About Us



Tired of seeing historical buildings fall out of use and into disrepair, Mandy Benton set out on a mission to save one of her childhood favorites: The Harris Block on the corner of State Route 65 & 613 in downtown Leipsic, Ohio. Along with her partner, Brian Osterfeld, Mandy and her team poured their hearts and souls into the restoration of what was once the very first grocery store & soda fountain in town.


The Uptown Market & Café was born out of necessity, as well, as fresh food was no longer available in Leipsic in 2015, and gathering places were in short supply. This fresh food market and Amish deli opened in December of that year, and due to customer demand- quickly also became a restaurant and café.



Mandy & Brian have grown this multi-faceted business to serve over a hundred customers each day, and word of mouth has traveled far and wide to attract people from miles around to come visit awhile and try our delicious coffee and fresh food. Special events held throughout the year give adults and kids alike even more reasons to pay a visit to this vibrant café.


The Uptown Market & Café is managed by Elizabeth Snively, who’s many years of experience in food service and customer care has made her vital to the success of the business.  Elizabeth and her staff ensure that not only are you going to eat well at the Uptown Market & Café – but you are going to be greeted with a smile and made to feel right at home as long as you choose to stay.

Revitalizing Downtown Leipsic

We at the Uptown Market & Café are so proud of what we have created in this space, and we are even more proud of what we create fresh for our customers every single day. Whether it’s a perfectly steamed latte, a from-scratch Amish monster cookie, a mile-high Reuben Sandwich, or an Uptown Chef Salad full of so many fresh ingredients that you wont even miss the bread…  we are sure the Uptown Market has something just for you.


So grab a friend or ten and make plans to see us sometime – we promise we’re worth the trip!